Nail Your Colours To The Mast

by Bedroom Minstrels

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Written and recorded from 2012 to 2015. Mostly in the winter months of the last two years.
Like Vic's this album is a little obsessed with the idea that through death, life is nourished.


released April 21, 2015

Some production from Conor and Tim
Some art is purloined from The Patron Saint of Bridge Burners and Farewell Continental and Andrew Wyeth.

Thanks to everybody for your support, thank you for waiting.




Bedroom Minstrels Boston, Massachusetts

"i bet you got no more friends than an alarm clock."

bedroom minstrels est. 2010

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Track Name: Dilettante Driver
I don't sleep 'cause when I do
All I dream are dreams of you
When I wake up, you are not around
In my best dreams I am dying
In my worst you say you're trying
And in yours you say "my teeth are falling out"

Pick your teeth up from the floor
'Cause I don't walk that path no more
Hold a handle of the sword for causes lost
Tumble down the mountaintops
And break your back among the jagged rocks
And when regret starts to knock, just leave the door locked
If it's the distance you couldn't take
Let's not repeat the same mistakes
And for our sakes remember, when to call enough, enough
If it's my drinking you can't abide
I'll have you know that I have tried and tried
And tried and tried
And now, I'm giving up

Because suddenly I bear your burdens
Just as much as you'd been bearing mine
And I admit though you tried and tried it wasn't ever quite enough
Tough enough, Suddenly I bear your burdens
You're the worst best dream, I've ever, ever had

The worst best dream
You're the worst best dream
Ever, ever had.
Track Name: Cedar Ghosts
Those jacks that you threw, from your charred hands
They hit the cedars of the attic that we knew
Almost 6 years later

Still, I remember every word

Memories of an area code haunt my mind
Meaningless threats they all subside
Still, you fought for nothing, it's all pointless time
Sleeping around, we were always sleeping around

Birds get louder as the sun rises
I can still remember looking out that window, the same window I'm looking out now, with you

Lying on the dusty floorboards we slept
I swear, I'll never forget
Track Name: The Symhedoniac
And now we are old so we are thinly and pale...
Track Name: Lucy Burrows Smiles
Made no progression
to like standing still
Still not an anarchist
I guess I never will be
Girls in the guest room
Vibrant & still
Tell them I'll be alright
But I never will, never will
Never will

It's the snow melting
Find the summer in stride
& my psychosis, neurosis
they define me, find me weak imperishably

Please cease
Please, see!
Please sea, please sea

Sometimes I get so tired like
Lucy Burrows Smile Blues
I push my fingers past inside, like,
Let my gums bleed wild & then

There's no ending
No satisfactory plot conclusion

Please cease
Please see!
Please sea, please sea
Track Name: Gaudy Sleights
Left alone on the cobblestone
Last payphone phone call of my life
I don't care if it reaches you or not
Gaudy Sleights

If you short forth
Please be as kind to yourself, as to us
Never lived no nursery rhyme life anyway
Just Spiteful

Mathematicians falling apart
You got no right to treat people like you do
Write a record about your substance abuse
Mighty Peafowl

She's lost control? How sorrowful.
My last ditch effort to comply with all of this
There was never romance in these cold fucking numbers
I hope you die with a pencil in your hand, in yours
My Light Darkened

Cold Hands, reaching out, groping hearts till
The arteries collapse in blood
The radicals in your mind, don't divide
they just
Track Name: Northfolk
I'm like the northfolk
I feel tired and cold &
I can't stand it

I like the northfolk
Their dire grey beards
& old bones

I'll miss the northfolk
and how they used to call me
"comatose boy"

& all the northfolk
Will rally to you until they
Don't anymore

Callous in February's a no show
Thinking back to Autumn's draining this memory fountain

I'm like the northfolk
I can sense when it's time
To give up

I like the northfolk
& Lunar Joe
& Vic Chesnutt

Songs for the northfolk
Sing bitter frostbite
& Stoned

Seems like the northfolk
Always aspire to
Call each other home

Callisto called but left no number
Reached out to find a place to tender and fade
Tender and fade

I like the northfolk
All of their fears
And their tones

Hear the northfolk
Call out and watch
the boats

Seems like the northfolk
Feel the ocean
& Call it home
Track Name: Mariemaia Khushrenada
If even Clayton sleeps alone
There's no hope for anyone
And a diurnal life you're not living
Though, you're getting old
Outside hallways in the cleanest of lobbies
Sobbing, sobbing slowly
And feeling narrower than I told
Someone still loves you, in your memory

Is this it? the blues of an era (Mariemaia)

If it's a Lemirean future, I find myself defeated
There's no byablue reaching out to me
She says there's nothing like the chandelier's in god's house
She says that's where I wanna be
With women in white clothes, and heavy homes and dark bones
(she said) that's where I wanna live

I don't wanna feel
I don't wanna feel
I just wanna feel
Track Name: Wilmington Vet Hospital
After a while without sunlight
The snow continues to fall
Running on empty now
Inside it's colder somehow

When I go, hope it's fast
like some calico cat down on it's luck
I'm sick of writing stupid songs about
Teenagers in bed, smoking cigarettes

Inoperable fuck this shit
How could it all come to this?
The kindest stranger I'd ever see
Waving goodbye politely
Track Name: One Last Lunge Of The Big Time Washed-Up Player
So full of shit
I need another hit
Tattered and torn
Loose leaf paraded storm

Blinded by the sounds of silence
Someone save me, someone take me home

So full of shit
I need another hit
Callous and cold
Murderous aging bones

Blinded by the sounds of silence
Cartwheel kings and liquid violence
Service to the hands of shallow
Marching as I rape and rebel
Shift me with the interstate
I won't retreat I won't delay
I'm carving out the sick within
So I can live, So I can live

So full of shit
I need another hit...
Track Name: Cataclysm Blues
Do you remember me?
I've given up on trying to get better
I stopped sleeping again, I stopped eating again
Stopped my writing, I stopped trying
I stopped self medicating

It's all so doubtful
We're getting older
And to the twisted years, I spent with you
From the pits of my rotting insides
I swear, I won't forget

Wish you well
With all the foulest sex disease, and rotting smells
Hope you die and go to hell
And I'll see you there myself
With a cigarette, to burn your silence
If I can't even forgive myself,
How the fuck will I ever- and I don't intend to
I will never forgive you.

Please don't forgive me
I wanted to feel involved
Now I'm regretting those fucking words
and I'm driving my own damn hearse.
Track Name: Entropy
My friend Charlie says
She's got an inclination
So I say, okay, go ahead
Just take a chance

Since early 2010 I've been writing songs about
Anguish in the Commonwealth & how it's all
in my head

Makes me reminisce makes me think about this girl
Who had this question in mind & insisted I address
and there's no confidence

And I was driving on the interstate
Thinking about it
Thinking about it
Thinking about you

I remember when I was 10
& my lungs filled up with blood
Lying on the bathroom floor
In Alpharetta Georgia

Still searching for my own Avery Island
haven't found it yet, but
I'm still looking

There's nothing wrong with finding love
inside yourself, for someone else
I see that now myself
Almost 6 years later

I was driving on the interstate
Thinking about it
Thinking about it
Thinking about you

if the universe expands and twists
i insist i will try to find you
looking at the stars
in the fields behind north street

at the end of the day we just exist with our feelings
and joys and concerns
and we just live and we are nihilists
and im not even a nihilst anymore

Please don't believe in me I'm at a loss, & i'm a nut
I'm a pessimistic simple sycophantic fuck
And I've got nothing left to hold on to

I've been driving on the interstate
Thinking about you
Thinking about you
Thinking about...